Does Budapest have Uber or Lyft in 2024?

Budapest Uber or Lyft

As of 2024, there is neither Uber nor Lyft in Budapest.
Uber closed its operations in Hungary due to certain challenges many years ago.
Lyft on the other hand never entered Hungarian market.

You can book a taxi at a fixed rate from Budapest airport to city center,Click here to book your Airport transfer with no hidden charges.

You will not find a good service as good as Uber or lyft in Budapest.
There are is no Budapest taxi company who that has a business model like Uber or Lyft. The reason is because of the local laws, you have to get a proper drivers license before you become a taxi driver in Hungary.

In terms of apps similar to Uber of Lyft, many Hungarian companies have started replicating their apps. These include City Taxi,FoTaxi,BestTaxi,Taxi4 and Bolt.


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As all of these taxi apps in Budapest offer same fare rates, you should download any two applications and check their fare calculators before ordering a taxi.

At any time you will find a good number Budapest Taxis at the airport,however,it is still recommended to book taxi using the FoTaxi Booth or with app from any of the the mentioned companies.

If you are concerned about Budapest taxis card acceptance reate, then check the query do Hungarian taxis accept card.