How do I call a cab in Budapest in 2024?


As a tourist in Hungary, one question going through your mind would be, how to call a cab in Budapest. Is it even possible to book a taxi by call?

You can call a cab in Budapest using the official numbers of various taxi companies. There are over 9 registered taxi companies in Budapest. Each of these have their own booking numbers through which the taxis can be booked in advance.

You will also find private taxis which are not associated with any company. Such taxi have written freelancer on them,and it will be a challenge to book these taxis by calling.

There is no central cab company in Budapest to book a cab.

The best taxi fare calculators for Budapest are from KiwiTaxi and SunTransfers.

How do you call a taxi in Budapest
How do you call a taxi in Budapest

You can use the following number to call the respective cab companies.

  1. City Taxi +36 1 2-111-111
  2. Fo Taxi +36 1 222 2 222
  3. 6×6 Taxi +36 1 666 6666
  4. Taxi4  06 1 4 444 444
  5. Best Taxi +36 1 700 000
  6. Elite Taxi +36 20 412 0412

If you are on a street and see multiple taxis passing by, you can check the right front door of any Budapest taxis,and there will be the number for that taxi company.

Always make sure that you are booking the taxi associated with the companies mentioned above,as they can be identified by their logo stickers on the taxis.

You should call that number and ask for the taxi where you are standing.

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