Is Budapest Christmas market expensive in 2023?

Are Budapest Christmas Markets Expansive

Budapest Christmas markets are definitely expansive, whether you want to try food or buy souvenirs. With so many big and small Christmas markets spread around the city, you could easily spend an entire day or more wandering through them.

The main Christmas markets in Budapest are located around the city center, while there are smaller markets setup in around every district of Budapest.Every Christmas Market brings its unique charm and offerings. 

The Central Christmas markets in Budapest around Vorosmarty Ter and Basilica are already opened since the end of November 2023.Make sure to carry a good backpack to bring back gifts for your loved ones. You can check a wide variety of backpacks from Horizn-Studios and get a 20% discount using HSxBudapezt.

You will find details of what you can expect to pay for food, drinks, and souvenirs at the markets, based on the latest updates for the 2023 season.Get ready to pay a higher prices for the magical experience of Christmas Markets in Budapest.

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High Food Prices in Budapest Christmas Market
High Food Prices in Budapest Christmas Market

You will find food stalls in all the Christmas markets in Budapest. You will find some small stalls as well as big ones which are offering wide variety of food. The food prices in Budapest Christmas markets have almost doubled compared to 2023 prices.

Despite a variety of food items available in Budapest Chritmas markets, the cheapest food you can try is the Langos which is starting at 2200 Huf (7 USD/EUR) and with Cheese and sour cream costs around 3000 Huf (9 USD/EUR) which is pretty expansive.

On the other hand, hot dogs prices start around 6500 Huf and go up to 8000 Huf,which is around 20 to 30 USD/EUR.

You can find a simple chimney cake for 800 Huf in typical shops around Octogon and Astoria, while the same Chimney Cake is quite expansive and starts around 2000 Huf in Hungarian Christmas markets.

For foods like BBQ Ribs and Duck roasted leg, you will easily pay something around 4500 Huf (14 USD/EUR) to 6000 (18 USD/EUR).


Are Drinks expansive in Budapest Christmas Markets

Talking about drinks in Budapest Christmas markets, you will find the cost to be pretty high. Coffee prices in the markets are between 1200 Huf to 4600 Huf depending upon what you choose from.

Typical price of a mulled wine glass for 4 dl is around 2500 Huf which is pretty expensive. A half liter mineral water bottle or a soft drink is 800 to 1000 Huf(around 3 USD/EUR ) which is around 2.5 times of the price what you will pay in a grocery store.

Prices of certan alcoholic drinks vary between 1800 huf and 4000 Huf i.e. 6 USD/EUR to 13 USD/EUR.


Are Souvenirs expansive in Hungarian Christmas Markets
Are Souvenirs expansive in Hungarian Christmas Markets

There was a huge variety of souvenirs that you could buy from Budapest Christmas market in 2023. The prices of souvenirs started from 1500 Huf (4.5 USD/EUR) and could go up to 30000 Huf (90 USD/EUR).

We felt that the prices of majority of souvenirs were quite acceptable even if compared to what is available online either on Amazon or other market places.

For example Drinking Beer Horn prices were starting around 5900 Huf (17 USD/EUR),while the Christmas globes were starting at 5000 Huf (15 EUR/USD) for the smallest size.

Stuffed toys were also offered at humble prices starting at 5000 Huf(15 EUR/USD).

We found the prices of magnets in Xmas Markets to be on a higher side where some shops were selling them between 3000-5000 Huf(8 to 13 USD/EUR).

Ceramic items in the Budapest Xmas markets were also priced in the medium range with price tags starting at 2500 Huf (7 USD/EUR).

Handmade soaps and beauty products were starting at 2000 Huf(6 USD/EUR).

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