Is Budapest Arena Mall good for shopping?

Arena Mall is a huge shopping mall located 15 mins walk from the Budapest Keleti train station.

It has a wide variety of local and international fashion shops that are good for person belonging to any age.
In Arena Mall, there is a huge TESCO which is good for grocery as well as buying any electronics,toys,garden accessories,stationary and travel items.

For families looking to buy shoes and clothes for children in Budapest, H&M store and Tesco at arena mall are the best option.

There are shops from famous fashion brands like ZARA,SPRINGFIELD,BERSHKA,NewYorker, PULLANDBEAR which are good for buying fashion apparel for guys and girls between 15 and 40.

For ladies looking to buy hand bags in Arena plaza, PARFOIS, Bershka, ZARA and stradivarius are good stores to visit.

If you are looking for XXL sized clothes for men and women in Arena Plaza, peek and cloppenburg,H&M and Tesco are good options.

You can buy perfumes from Notino, which is a big brand for perfumes shopping in Budapest.

For buying electronics in Arena Plaza, you can either visit Tesco or MediaMarket(on 1st floor).

You can also find a huge variety of toys in arena plaza in TESCO as well as shop called RegioJatek(on first floor).

There are options to buy shoes in Deichmann,SportsDirect and other fashion outlet stores mentioned earlier.

Arena Mall has a big food court with a good seating arrangement.

You can find Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Thai food,Turkish food as well as Chinese food too.
There is an option to eat fish from Nordsee,which is not in the food court but located  next to the Tesco.

Arena Mall also has service centers for Magyar Telekom,Telenor and Vodafone Hungary.
There are body care shops as well as shops to buy food supplements if you are a workout lover.

The list of shops in Arena mall can be found here.

There is a huge cinema in Arena mall where Hollywood movies are played regularly. However, you need to ensure that you find the one with original English language version. 

You will find coffee shops in Arena plaza as well as bakeries at different points.

As of now, the parking in Arena Mall is free for first 1 hour.
There are toilets on the ground floor with child care room on the ground floor.
Parking area is huge,with 2 underground floors dedicated for car parking.
There is facility of car wash and electric charging.