Budapest Beer prices in 2024

Budapest Beer prices

Budapest beer prices make it a must go place for beer lovers.How much is beer in Budapest? How much is a drink in Budapest?How much is a pint of beer in Budapest?If these are some of the questions going through your mind for your next trip to Budapest, you are at the right place.

One of the top reasons to visit Budapest is cheap beer. No doubt, prices of all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks have increased in 2024, but cost of beer in Budapest are still attractive enough to give it a go.

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First of all,you must know that Beer is called sör (pronounced as Sh-u-r) in Hungarian. Although,when looking for beer in a big shop, you can identify it with the large crates of beer cans, and brand names.

If in a secluded store, you have to talk to the sales man, you will have to use the word sör.

Despite having one of the most difficult language in world, foreigners may feel alienated when reading the Hungarian sign boards. On the other hand, checking the beer prices, you get the feeling of inclusion,specially if you are coming from the west.

Buy Beer in Budapest

If you are planning to buy beer in Budapest to party in your apartment,hotel or hostel, you can buy it from any grocery store or a super market.

SPAR,ALDI,LIDL,TESCO,COOP,Penny Market,and MannaABC are common grocery stores where you can buy beer in Budapest.
Here are the common beers available in various grocery stores of Budapest

  1. Beer prices in Tesco Hungary
  2. Beer prices in Spar Hungary
  3. Beer prices in ALDI Hungary

These Budapest stores are good for buying beer during weekdays,Saturdays and Sundays.

The beer selling stores in Budapest are open normally between 8:00 to 21:00 during weekdays.
On Sundays, beer and grocery stores in Budapest are open between 9:00 to 15:00. Timings of some stores may vary,but these are the typical opening times.

Each super store in Budapest sells its own set of beer brands,hence, if you are looking for a special kind of beer to take home,make sure to check their website.

You will get the low priced beer in Budapest if bought from a grocery store or super market.
If you arrived Budapest late,and want to buy beer after 22:00 on weekdays or after 15:00 on weekends,when all shops are closed, you can still buy them from 24 hour stores.

24 hour stores in Budapest are a good option to buy bear when other shops are closed. Although the Budapest beer prices in 24 hour grocery stores are a bit expansive,but that is a price you have to pay for buying it,when no other option is available.

Beer Brands in Hungary

You can find alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beer in Hungary.
Visiting a bar in Budapest and getting a beer from a store are different experiences.

Beer price in Budapest
Beer price in Budapest

In every grocery store as well as supermarket in Budapest, there are dedicated sections for beers.
There is a possibility that the beer brands available in one store are not available in other stores.

In Budapest,you will find beers from over 30 brands.

  1. Staropramen
  2. Heineken
  3. Belhaven
  4. Krombacher
  5. Stella Artois
  6. Kopparberg
  7. Pilsner Urquell
  8. Kőbányai
  9. Arany Ászok világos sör
  10. Arany Fácán világos sör
  11. Soproni
  12. Dreher
  13. Démon
  14. Kozel
  15. Gösser
  16. Pécsi Radler
  17. Argus
  18. Deep
  19. Löwenbräu
  20. Somersby
  21. Borsodi
  22. Kronenbourg
  23. Beck’s
  24. Erdinger Weissbräu
  25. Pannonhalmi
  26. Bitburger Zwickl
  27. Steffl
  28. Viper
  29. HardLite
  30. Szalon
  31. HopRider
  32. Krušovice
  33. Rákóczi

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Hungarian Beer Brands

You will find lots of Hungarian beer brands in supermarkets. If you have not heard of many, here is a list to try them out on your Budapest trip.

  1. Arany Aszok
  2. Soproni
  3. Dreher
  4. Kobanyai
  5. Borsodi

Dreher is the main beer brands of Hungary and is easily available in majority of bars in Budapest.

As there are cheaper beers which are non-Hungarian, it is still worth trying the local Hungarian beers.

If you are coming with a group of friends, do Book the beer bus that allows you do sightseeing as well.

Hungarian beer brands
Hungarian beer brands

How much is a beer in Budapest?

In 2024, The price of beer in Budapest varies from 290 Huf to 1500 Huf, depending upon where you are buying it from. The same beer in Budapest costing 300 Huf may be sold for 800 Huf in a typical Budapest bar.

The same beer price can be 1500 Huf if you are in a V.I.P bar or club around Budapest city center Vorosmarthy Square and Vaci Street.

How much is a beer in Budapest
How much is a beer in Budapest

Hungarian beer price

Im 2024, Average price of Hungarian beer is between 329 Huf and 400 Huf.

Kobanyai,Dreher and Soproni half liter beer can is still under 300 Huf as of 2024 in Spar.

A half liter can of Soproni cost around 439 Huf,while Szalon is 349 Huf in Tesco.

Borsodi price in Hungary is between 368 Huf and 450 Huf depending upon your choice of beer.

Hungarian beer prices
Hungarian beer prices

Cheap beer Budapest

For cheap beer in Budapest, you should visit one of the grocery stores near your accommodation in Budapest. The cheapest beers in Budapest are not the ones brewed in Hungary.

The cheapest beer in Budapest in 2024 is Kobanyai and Steela Artois which is 278 Huf per half liter.
Other cheaper beers in Hungary are Dreher,Soproni and Borsodi which are on avaerage 317 Huf per half liter can.

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Cheap beer budapest
Cheap beer Budapest

Budapest pint price

In Budapest Hungary, there is no concept of a pint as pint is normally 568 ml whereas they sell either beer in 0.5 liter or 0.3 liter in bars.

You can have 500 ml draught beer for around 1000 Huf in a non-touristic area of Budapest. Hence, it makes the Budapest pint price to be around 1200 Huf.

You will find good prices of Hungarian beers in bars on Terez Korut. The best are to find beer bars is between Kiraly Utca and Wesselenyi Utca tram stops for 6-4 tram.

Average pint price in Budapest in a typical bar is 1100-1200 Huf.

The price of pint in pounds in a non-expansive Budapest bar is 2.7 GBP. The same canned beer can be bought for 1 GBP from Grocery stores.

Budapest pint price
Budapest pint price

Beer prices in Budapest Bars

Here is a sample of beer prices in one of famous bars in Budapest which is always crowded with locals as well as tourists. The Stifler bar is located closer to Kiraly Utca and despite having a huge area, it is hard to find any space to site.

The cheapest draft beer in the bar starts at 980 Huf for a 0.4L,while the most expansive one is Kornerburg. On the other hand, the bottled beer prices in the bar is 690 Huf.

Budapest Bar Beer prices
Budapest Bar Beer prices