Where to buy furniture in Budapest?

Home furnishing becomes the top priority when you are moving in Budapest with your family for a longer time. If you are planning to move to Budapest as an expat with your family, one key information you would be looking is regarding the furniture stores in Budapest.
As everyone is more selective about the way they want to decorate their apartment/home, it becomes even more important to know about variety of furniture stores that can fulfill your home decoration requirements.

No doubt ikea is a world known brand for furniture, but you may have a different taste.If you are looking for stores like Ikea in Budapest and want to know where to buy cheap furniture in Budapest.Our current guide where we went through majority of furniture stores in Hungary and found the best ones tailored to your needs.

The biggest challenge when shopping in Budapest, either in Malls or online stores is that you will find challenges of Hungarian language.

What are the best and affordable furniture stores in Budapest,for a quick check, you can visit the following furniture stores online.

Normally the apartments in Budapest are furnished,which means, there will be bed,kitchen appliances,sofa and a dining table with chairs available in the apartment. Depending upon the age of your apartment, the quality of furniture will vary.

In majority of apartment buildings built after 2000, you will find somehow newer furniture,but still it will be of average quality,and you may need to buy a better mattress. One the other hand, older buildings in Budapest may have pretty old furniture but they also charge lesser compared to the newer apartments.

No matter, you are looking to upgrade your Budapest apartment or you found an unfurnished apartment, if you are looking to buy furniture or home decor items, there are multiple options to visit.

Furniture stores in Hungary

Hungary does have a good variety of physical as well as online stores,where you can buy Bed,Sofas,Chairs,Dining Tables,Cabinets, Stools,Office furniture and Garden chairs. There are some stores in Hungary which do have many physical stores where you can visit and check the quality of the material. On other hand, there are online furniture websites and do not have any physical store, but do offer a great variety of furniture.

If you wan to visit a furniture store personally to check the real quality and experience of any furniture, you should visit the following stores in Budapest.

  • Novo Home Bútor (Budapest, Fogarasi út 2-6, 1148 Hungary)
  • L&O Butor (Budapest, Népszínház u. 20, 1081 Hungary)
  • RS Furniture Store (Budapest, Gyömrői út 79-83, 1183 Hungary)
  • Boda Butor (Budapest, Szalay u. 14, 1191 Hungary)
  • NexxButor (Budapest, Gubacsi út 30, 1097 Hungary)
  • BRW Furniture House (Budapest, Gyáli út 38, 1097 Hungary)
  • IKEA (Ors Vezer tere, Red Metro)
  • Bonami (Arena Mall)
  • XXXLutz (Multiple Branches)
  • JYSK (Multiple Branches)

Online Furniture Stores in Hungary

The way to do research before buying any furniture is to check the online stores and compare the prices,style,quality and availability of your desired furniture. Following is a list of few furniture stores to check or even order them to get them delivered at your home.

International Furniture stores in Budapest

Despite having a decreasing population, Hungary does have many international furniture stores operating in Budapest and other big cities. Specially in the last 10 to 15 years, the quality and standard of living has improved in Budapest due to many offs-shored jobs coming to Budapest and requiring expats to move to Budapest. Hence, resulting in higher rental prices and better money making possibilities for local apartment owners.

Major International furniture stores in Budapest with physical stores are

Biggest Furniture store in Budapest

Without any doubt, the biggest furniture store in Budapest is Ikea. It is one of the best place if you want to feel the style of your bed room, the lighting, the cupboards, the beds,sofas and chairs. At Ikea stores in Budapest, you can either visit the huge area which starts with model bed rooms with a pre-defined mix of furniture and room items to give you an idea, if it meets your desired style.

In Ikea stores in Budapest, you will find variety of Beds, sofas, mattresses, chairs, cupboards from low to high price range. The quality of low priced furniture is not so good to sustain for long, while medium to high range furniture has some stability for longer use.

There are 2 Ikea stores. One Ikea Furniture store in Budapest is located near Ors Vezer tere which is the last metro station of Metro M2.It is the most convenient store to visit due to walking distance from Ors Vezer ter metro station.

Stores like ikea in budapest

Another furniture store that has more physical stores with bigger area, compared to Ikea in Budapest is XXXLutz. Majority of these stores in Budapest were operated by Kika but later on sold to XXXLutz. There are around 6 XXXLutz furniture stores in Budapest which are easily accessible.

XXXLutz operate in a similar model like the Ikea,i.e. you have to bring the furniture home and assemble it by following the guides with the furniture. On some forums, there are questions about the packaging quality of XXXLutz but it is worth checking their designs and prices.

In terms on variety of furniture, some of the online stores in Budapezt are HomeLux,Mezoni,Butor-Szonyeg and Bonami.

Furniture Store with sales in Budapest

JYSK is the 3rd furniture store which operates in Budapest with the biggest number of furniture stores in Budapest. Compare to Ikea and XXXLutz, JYSK stores are smaller but they are more in number.

Another thing with JYSK store in Hungary is that they are always on sale,sounds funny, but that’s what one of my Hungarian friend told me.So, if you are looking for any bed,sofa,chair,table or booshelf, never rush to buy immediately from JYSK.

JYSK stores also operate in a similar way like Ikea and XXXLutz,i.e. you bring the stuff home and assemble it yourself.

Stylish Furniture store in Budapest

One furniture store that has recently started to knock in the Hungarian doors is Bonami. Bonami has currently only one Physical store in Budapest in Arena Plaza but does offer a great variety of stylish furniture in Budapest.

You can buy furniture for your bed room,living room and kids room. Not only the furniture but you can can also find all sorts of goods you would like to fit into your apartment.

Sometimes you can find a discount of up to 15% on the normal price of furniture in Bonami.Office furniture,kitchen furniture and garden furniture is also available at good prices at Bonami and Therese.

Affordable Furniture Store in Budapest

If you are looking to buy affordable furniture store in Budapest, you should visit Butor-Szonyeg which is a local Hungarian Brand. The prices of furniture at Butor Szonyeg are quite less compared to other furniture stores in Hungary. They may not have the best designs, but definitely great, based upon the quality of furniture they offer.

As Butor-Szonyeg does not have any physical store, you have to make your decision of furniture based upon the pictures from their website. Although basically targeting the office furniture, you can still find a great variety of furniture for kids room,bed room,living room,kitchen and your TV lounge.

Best Kids Furniture Store in Budapest

If you are looking for kids furniture in Budapest, you can definitely find limited ideas at Ikea, however, the best variety of kids furniture in Hungary is with ElisDesign,Homelux and Benlemi. Either you are looking for bunk and loft beds,nursery beds, french and baby beds, you will find all varieties on Benlemi.

Even if you are looking to buy kids cabinets,wooden shelves,boxes or Montessori furniture for kids, that is also available at Benlemi Hungary website.Another place where you can check new born baby furniture is Brendon.

Best Garden Furniture Store in Budapest

If you are looking for specialized garden furniture in Budapest, you should visit Butlers. Butlers has been a big name in the Kitchen,Home Decoration,Furnishing and Wedding gifts variety in Budapest.

Butler stores in Budapest are present in Corvin Mall,Arkad Mall,Mammut Mall and MoM Park. As majority of Butlers stores are a bit middle size, it is best to order Garden Furniture online through their website.

Classic Furniture store in Hungary

Another great furniture store to buy classic furniture in Hungary is Mezoni.You will find great variety of beds,sofas,chairs in classic style. Despite having a good variety of furniture, the strong point of Mezoni is the mattress collection.

You will find classic cabinets,dressing tables, and bedside table at the Mezoni website.

Second Hand furniture Budapest

For buying second hand furniture in Budapest,the best option is to join Facebook groups where people post any sort of stuff they want to sell,when they are moving out. The challenge there would be if you are getting selected items, the transport cost may be high,but if you find all the things from one seller, you will get a good deal including the delivery of furniture.