What is Hungary speed limit tolerance

Hungary speed limit tolerance

Coming as a foreigner, it is better to know the speed limit in Hungary inside the cities as well as on Hungarian motorways.If you are always over speeding and don’t know what is the speed limit in Hungary, we advice to install WAZE app to keep you under the speed limit in Hungary.

But you have to be extremely careful when moving from highway to city as the speed limits can change rapidly and you can be fined minimum 100Euros.

Lets say you are entering to Budapest through a highway like M3, you will start noticing speed signs on both side of the road which start from 100 and go to 80, gradually they will go to 70 and sometimes even 50.

Speed limits Hungary
Speed limits Hungary

Hungary speed limit can also change on the same road from 70kph to 50 kph and then back to 70 kph within 10 to 20 seconds of driving,hence, keep an eye on the speed limit boards. This specially the case when coming from Budapest airport to the city center.

During the day time the entrance roads to Budapest have a heavy traffic,hence the rush traffic will control the speed on these roads.However, during night when there is no car on the roads, you may be coming at a higher speed and not notice the speed signs and may get fined if going over speed limit.

Hungary Speed Limit tolerance
Hungary Speed Limit tolerance in streets

Hungary Highway speed limit

Speed limits in Hungary
Speed limits in Hungary

The Hungary highway speed limit is 130kph. However, if there are construction works going on, the speed limit can be brought down to 80 kph and until the construction work is continuing, the speed stays to be around 80kph. In such cases, even there are markers with yellowish orange color to identify the new path what you should follow.

Hungary Highway Speed limit
Hungary Highway Speed limit

Hence, if you are on any of the Hungarian highways which are numbered from M0 to M7, the max speed limit is 130kph.Normally at the start of any Hungarian motorway the speed limit is around 100kph for some distance and then it goes up to 130kph.Although you will not find many boards about 130kph on the Hungarian highway,therefore, to get the best guidance about speed limits on highways in Hungary, you should use WAZE app.

Hungarian Highways speed limit during construction work
Hungarian Highways speed limit during construction work

On the other hand, if you are driving using smaller roads connecting different cities other than the M0 to M7, the speed limits can be around 50 to 70 kph and it is a must to keep an eye on speed limit signs to avoid getting fined.

Budapest speed limits

Around the Budapest city center max speed is 40-50kph,while on some roads, it can be even reduced to 30kph if there is a minor repair work ongoing or the road is in a residential area around the city center. On the other hand, the speed limit on ring roads goes to 50-60 kph.

On roads like Terez korut which goes along the 6-4 tram, it is impossible to cross 40kph in any time of the year,as it has a lot of signs as well as it has almost become a single lane road.

On roads like Dozsa Gyorgy,you may go up to 50 kph, however, the road in front of keleti train station up to the white bridge is always crowded on the weekdays as well as weekends.

Kerepesi ut is perhaps the only road in Budapest where you can continuously drive up to 70kph between the Arkad 2 mall and Arena mall for 4 mins or so.

Hungaria Korut is another road in Budapest where to park in Budapest that is quite wide but is crowded day as well as at night and despite the max speed limit of 70kph, does not allow to cross above 50kph.