Notary for Hungarian residence permit

It has become quite common when dealing with immigration office in Hungary to present a notarized document for residence permit purposes.

Although notary in Hungary can prepare documents related to multiple requirements,however, this guide is specially for notary document for family support visas.

As an expat with residence permit in Hungary, you will be asked to present a notarized family support document in case you are applying for a normal residence permit of your dependent family member.

If you are apply for Hungarian residence permit for non EU citizens, for the first you should check who needs a visa for Hungary, How to get a Hungary visa.

NOTE: This guide is written for laymen to have a high level view of notarized document based upon an end user experience.

Hungarian Notary

Just like in any other country, Notary in Hungary are lawyers who,along with many other duties, can attest certain documents required by certain authorities.
Although lawyers in Hungary are called ügyvédek, however, notary has another associated term.

The Hungarian word for Notary is Közjegyző. Therefore, if you require a notarized document for immigration office, you should consult a Közjegyző.

Notary for Hungary visa

If you are searching for Notary for Hungary visa, you need to search for a Közjegyző on internet.

Közjegyző in Hungary are specialized in preparing documents in German and Hungarian,English and Hungarian, Spanish and Hungarian and between other languages.
Normally, you need to search for a notary who can prepare the document in your native language,or a language you can understand, as well as Hungarian.

The main aim to get a notarized document for Hungarian visa is to ensure the immigration office, that the sponsor of the residence permit application is able to take care of all the necessities of the dependents during their stay in Hungary.

Notary for Hungarian residence permit

If you are hiring a lawyer or an agency to help you with the residence permit of your family members, they will recommend you to have a notarized document.

The document has to be written in Hungarian as well as a language that you can understand.

The document requires the credentials of the sponsor as well as sponsored family members. The credentials to fill for Notarized family support document are

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Place of Birth
  5. Temporary address
  6. Permanent Address
  7. Relation

This data along with statement of support from the sponsor has to be filled in both Hungarian as well as the language that you can understand.

As a sponsor, if you are working in a company with big name and good salary, there are good chances that you just write a sponsorship letter,instead of getting a properly notarized document for your dependents visa application.Hence save your money.

In all other cases, it is always a safe way to get a notarized document and submit it with your dependents visa application. This stands true,whether you are applying for the residence permit in your Home country for the first time, or applying for a permanent residence at immigration office in Hungary.

Hungary Notary Options

Majority of expats planning to get a notarized document for their family visa application will have no clue,what it looks like,and what are its contents.

In reality, there are two options for the family support notarized declaration. One option is to create it yourself,with Hungarian and another language version and mentioning in both languages that you will take care of your dependents in every aspect.
Once this document is ready, you can just get it notarized by a kozjegyzo for a minimum fees.

Other option to get a notarized family support document is to get is prepared by a kozjegyzo and getting it notarized as well from the same kozjegyzo. This one is around 3 times of the first option.

Hungary Notary price

The notary fees in Hungary varies from 9500 Huf to 50000 Huf for family support declaration notarization.

The price for getting a pre-made family support document to get notarized in 2024 is starting from 9500HUF. This could be challenging if you are applying it for the first time,and there are chances to make a mistake preparing it by yourself.

Additionally, the kozjegyzo will also ask you if you understand what is written there,and as many foreigners don’t understand Hungarian, the kozjegyzo will convince them to let them prepare the document from scratch,and charge more.

On the other hand, the safest way to get a notarized family support document is take your IDs and family members IDs to the Kozjegyzo,and they will charge you from 35000 Huf to 50000 Huf.

Free Notary in Hungary

You will not find a free notary in Hungary,as it is a standard procedure and rates are set by the parent organizations for various kinds of document attestation. In fact, the minimum fees is 9500 Huf,while the maximum can go as much as 50000 HUF or even more.

It is always great to check with multiple Notary in Hungary about the rates and procedure,timeline,etc. Some notary in Hungary may give you ridiculous rates after knowing that you have no clue about the fees and may trap you into giving heavy fees.

English Notary in Hungary

You can search for notary in Hungary by searching for Kozjegzo on google. You will find a lot of available notaries with their Name,location,phone no. and email address.

You should make a list of a them and call or email one by one by mentioning your requirements, they will tell you the rates. The will also mention which language do they operate as well as services they can offer to prepare the family support declaration.

The one you find a bit trustworthy and charging nominal fees, should be the one for you.