Is Budapest corvin mall good for shopping

Corvin Plaza is a mid sized plaza located 5 minutes walk from the Corvin Negyed Metro and tram station.

You have to walk from the Corvin Negyed station as it is hidden from the main streets and highways.

You can enter Corvin mall from front, back and side entries too.

Corvin Mall has 4 story building.

One is underground while other levels are 0,1 and 2.

Cafeteria and food court of Corvin Mall is on 2nd floor.

It is crowded with visitors all around the day as there are many private company offices.

Food Restaurants in Corvin shopping Mall Budapest

There are a lot of food restaurants in Corvin Mall Budapest.
It contains options for fast food,Turkish,Italian and Chinese options.

On average the food price for a normal meal is between 1500 HUF to 2500 HUF (4.5 Euros to 7.5 Euros).
There are chairs and tables in the center for group of people to sit.

Right next to the corvin mall, the back side is a pretty lively place and booking a room near Corvin will definitely make your stay at Budapest fun.

In the food court of Corvin Mall, following restaurants are available.

  1. Melvana Kebab (Turkish kebabs,shwarma and gyros)
  2. Salt n Pepper
  3. Aszia Lotusz
  4. Salad Box
  5. Bellozzo
  6. JoAsszony
  7. Pizza Forte
  8. BelFrit (Belgian Burgers and fries)
  9. Las Vegans (Vegetarian Burgers)
  10. Burger King
  11. KFC

Kids clothing shops in Corvin shopping Mall

If you are looking to buy kids clothes in Budapest Corvin plaza, there are multipe shops with a wide variety of kids clothes.

  1. Pepco – a bit less expansive in terms of prices for kids clothes
  2. Reserved – Designer outlet for kids clothes
  3. H&M – an international brand for fashion clothes and shoes for kids
  4. Decathlon – for buying affordable children sports shoes and clothes in Corvin Plaza
  5. Hervis Sports – Sports shop in Corvin Mall with bigger variety and expansive clothing/sports accessories
  6. Kik – Affordable kids clothes and shoes

Kids toy shops in Corvin Mall

For buying kids toys in Corvin plaza, you can find many options.
Some of these shops are solely for kids toys,with a huge variety while some are a collection of toys and other household decoration items.

Clothing Shops in Corvin Shopping Mall

The biggest percentage of shops in Corvin Plaza are clothing and Fashion apparel brands.
You can buy clothes,shoes, undergarments,scarfs and complete range of fashion accessories from the following shops.

  1. Tezenis
  2. Women’s Secret
  3. Triumph
  4. Tatuum
  6. Bono Mens store
  7. Reserved
  8. Orsay
  9. NewYorker
  10. Mohito
  11. Levi’s
  12. KiK
  13. Intimissimi
  14. HouseBrand
  15. H&M
  16. CROPP
  17. C&A
  18. Heavy Tools

Buying shoes and bags in Corvin Mall Budapest

There are huge stores for buying shoes and bags in Corvin Mall. These include the following shops.

  1. Reno
  2. Office Shoes
  3. MKLeder
  4. ECCO
  5. Deichmann
  6. CCC shoes and bags
  7. Hervis Sports
  8. Decathlon

Jewelry Shops in Budapest Corvin Mall

If you are looking to buy buying jewelry and watches in Corvin Mall, following shops can be visited.

  1. Pesti Ekszer
  2. Bijou Brigitte
  3. Azték Ezüst
  4. Pandora

Buying Lifestyle goods in Corvin Mall

There are certain shops in Corvin mall which are great for buying lifestyle related goods.
You can buy some decoration pieces, coffee machines, kitchen items and many more from the following shops in corvin plaza.

  1.  TopShop- For buying bedroom,and kitchen accessories in Corvin mall
  2. Tescoma – Shop for Kitchen Accessories in Corvin plaza
  3. JYSK –  One of biggest home furniture shop in Corvin plaza
  4. FlyingTiger – For buying colorful and attractive items for household activities
  5. Butlers – Huge variety of kitchen goods and accessories in Budapest Corvin mall
  6. Tchibo – Various kids of lifestyle items for home use.

Eye Glass shops in Corvin Mall

In Corvin plaza, there are a couple of shops for getting the eyesight checked as well as buying glasses.
In these shops, there is possibility to buy not only the normal glasses but fashion glasses and sunglassess too.

  1. Vision Express
  2. Kodak Lens

There are a few juice,smoothie and Bubble tea shops as well.

If you are looking to buying any electronics items, including music systems, TV, Washing Machines, Laptops or Mobile phones in Budapest Corvin Mall. There are some options to buy at multiple floors. Some of the shops aside from the sales center of major telecom operators, are the following.

  1. iStyle Store (For Buying Apple products)
  2. Euronics (For a large variety of household items,mobiles and electronics accessories)
  3. Alpha Mobile (Phone Covers , mobile phones and accessories)

Repair and printing shops in Corvin Shopping Mall Budapest

For repairing shoes, duplicating keys, repairing scissors and cutters,making stamps and coin, printing services.
You can visit Mister Minit.

For getting printouts and anything related to editing, GoPrint shop in Corvin mall is a good place.

If you are a book lover, you will love visiting the Huge bookstore Libri in Corvin Mall.

You will also find Dry clean shop on the -1 floor.

Telecom Companies offices in Corvin Plaza

If you have issues with your operators sim card and want to visit a service center, Corvin plaza is a good place.
You will find service centers of the major telecom operators of Hungary in Corvin Mall.
Following telecom operators have their support centers in Corvin Mall.

  1. DIGI
  2. Vodafone
  3. Telecom
  4. Vodafone

For visitors coming to Budapest,considering the challenges with language and finding service center. The best option is to buy a solution that will work smoothly on your Budapest and Europe trip. DrimSim is a good option to explore for internet data packages.

Cosmetics and Beauty shops in Corvin Mall Budapest

You can buy beauty and cosmetics items from following shops in Corvin Plaza Budapest

  1. Yves Rocher – Skin care products shop in Budapest Corvin mall
  2. Rupa Milano – Make Up and cosmetics shop in Corvin Mall
  3. dm – shop in corvin mall with Variety of cosmetics,makeup,beauty products and bio food

There is a post office too,on the first floor of Corvin Mall.

You can send or receive mails, and pay fines or deposit money for any vendors,e.g. paying car insurance bills.

However,if you want to book insurance for your Budapest trip, there are some options to explore which include VisitorCoverage.

Place to buy Groceries in Corvin Mall Budapest

If you are looking to buy groceries in Budapest Corvin Mall, you should visit the -1 floor.

There is a big CBA store which is a Hungarian chain of grocery stores in Hungary.

Prices of goods in CBA are somehow more than the prices of goods in other superstores like SPAR,Tesco,Aldi and Lidl.
However, there are certain items which are only available in CBA and not in other grocery stores.